release time: 2021-07-17

About Wanhan Company Overview

Zhongshan Wanhan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. belongs to Besunyen Group, a listed company in Hong Kong. It is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to drug research and development, drug production, drug sales and services. Headquartered in Zhongshan Nanlang South China Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine City.

Wanhan Pharmaceutical has several subsidiaries: Zhongshan Wanyuan New Drug Research and Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Wanhan Qianshun Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Kangbaina Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Zhuhai Aolixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

The core backbones of Wanhan Pharmaceutical's R&D, production and sales segments all have years of senior management background in listed companies and rich experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Committed to using modern science and technology to provide consumers with safe and high-quality medicines and pharmaceutical services, improving the quality of life of the public and extending the life cycle.

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National high-tech enterprise certificate

The solid preparation workshop passed CFDA GMP certification in 2014

Mechen Orlistat Capsules won the Guangdong High-tech Product

National High-tech Enterprise Certificate The solid preparation workshop passed the CFDA GMP certification in 2014. Meachen Orlistat Capsules won the Guangdong High-tech Product

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